FAQ About life insurance for vapers

What if I test positive for Nicotine?

No problem! We assume you will test positive for Nicotine and this will not affect your ability to get a NonSmoker rate.

I vape and smoke cigarettes, can you still save me money on my life insurance premiums?
NonSmoker rates are based on a client being able to certify they have not used cigarettes for at least 365 days, even though they will test positive for Nicotine from vaping. If you vape and still use cigarettes as well, we can still save you money by using a temporary life policy called an Annually Renewable Term. This strategy will buy you the time you need to quit while keeping your premiums to a minimum. Please contact us for details and quotes.

I vape and use marijuana, does that disqualify me?

Good news here! You can still qualify for NonSmoker rates even if you use marijuana and vape.

I already have a policy I purchased a few years ago. Can you still help me?

The short answer is yes! We can offer a free no obligation LifeReview, analyzing your current coverage versus the alternatives. Many vapers are former smokers and so the odds are good that an existing policy was approved at Smoker rates, and if that is the case you are probably paying too much! Of course our ability to lower your rates will depend on certain factors such as how long you have had your current coverage and your present health, etc.

My life policy is with my auto insurer and I am already getting a discount. How can you beat that?

Hey, more discounts are always better and even a small savings adds up when it is applied to other policies like your home or auto plan. However, there are a number of reasons why your auto insurers life rates are going to be higher in general:
1. They assume their customer base is not going to shop since they have your other business and therefore often don’t have competitive rates on their life policies
2. Your auto insurer’s life plan will not offer you NonSmoker rates as a Vaper and this is where you are going to see a huge difference.

What if I am already covered through work?

Life insurance through your employer is great because it is usually either inexpensive or free, but you should not rely on work insurance as your sole protection because: 1. You do not own or control the policy. 2. The coverage amount is typically not enough, 3. If you leave your job for any reason, typically, along with your other benefits, you will lose your life insurance. Get the peace of mind of a policy that you own and control.

I don’t vape but I heard you are great to work with, can you
help me with a “regular” policy?

Although we specialize in helping Vapers save on their life insurance, we can and would be happy to help anybody who is looking for new coverage or has an existing policy they’d like reviewed. As an independent life insurance broker, we represent the top carriers in the industry and offer all forms of coverage, so let us help you find the best policy at the best price.

What types of coverage are available?

We offer Nonsmoker rates to Vapers on Traditional Term, Return of Premium Term, and Permanent life policies. Use our free Vape Quote tool  for traditional level term rates.

Will I have to take a blood test?

Yes, for a traditional policy part of the application process is a physical exam and you will be asked to provide a blood and urine sample. There are other options, though, see below.

What if I don’t want to take a physical or give blood?

Certain carriers offer policies that don’t require a physical exam. These are called Guaranteed or Simplified Issue plans. Since the carriers do not have a full health profile to assess a client’s risk, they have to charge more premium for these policies, but they are certainly quick, easy, and convenient. Contact Us for a No Exam Quote.

Once I request a quote, what happens next?

One of our friendly and expert life insurance agents will reach out to you by phone to discuss the details of your situation and begin working on a cost saving solution tailored for you.

How do I know how much insurance to buy?

Although there are many good reasons to purchase life insurance, most folks want to have enough to pay off the mortgage on their home and any other consumer debt (auto loan, credit cards) and also replace their income for a period of time so their survivors have time to make financial adjustments. We can help with more specific needs and also direct you to a handy Life Needs Calculator.

Why do I need an agent? Why not just buy direct?

You are going to pay the same premium with or without an agent representing you, so why not let a licensed, experienced agent be your ally and advocate before, during, and after the purchase process? You are sure to have a better experience and avoid many of the common mistakes people make.

How soon can I start saving money on my life insurance premiums?

The total turnaround time from application to issue is usually 6-9 weeks, sometimes shorter and sometimes longer. We pride ourselves on working with our clients and carriers to make this process as quick and efficient as possible. It is important to note that if you have a current policy we may be replacing, you will keep this coverage active until you receive, have accepted, and are issued your new policy. This way you are never going to have a gap in your protection.

Do I have to go with a small or poorly rated carrier to get the best rates?

No. We only represent the top carriers in the industry, many with over 100 years of experience and the highest ratings for financial stability according to rating firms like AM Best, Moodys and Standard and Poors.

How do the new FDA “Deeming” regulations affect my ability
to get NonSmoker Life Insurance?

While it is true the new FDA regs are a major setback for the vaping industry, we have verified our insurers are not changing their stance. In spite of the efforts of the federal government to regulate vaping like tobacco, you have made a healthy lifestyle choice that will most surely help you live longer. Insurance companies base their rates on how long you are likely to live and our carriers decided before the FDA weighed in that vaping is healthier than smoking tobacco. Having said that, anything is possible, so if you are considering a new life policy or have existing coverage you’d like reviewed to save money, now might be a good time to take action.