Stages of Savings

When purchasing life insurance, your premium is based on a combination of factors including age, health, and lifestyle. While most policies lock in the initial rate for a set period of time (the “Term” of the policy: 10, 15, 20 or 30 years), not a lot of people take advantage of the fact that over time their rate can improve if there are positive changes in their health and lifestyle. Many Vapers are transitioning through stages that can offer dramatic savings on their insurance costs. Let’s explore a typical progression:

Cigarette Smoker to Vaper: Quitting cigarettes and moving to Vaping nicotine is the first and biggest health change that can lower your life insurance rates. Special Vape/NonSmoker rates, with savings of up to 60%, are unlocked after 1 year of abstinence from cigarettes. If this describes you, go ahead and quote yourself on our home page!

Nicotine Vaper to No Nic Vaper: If you are weaning yourself off of nicotine and get to the point of vaping no nicotine for one year or longer, additional savings opportunities arise. While most companies will still consider you a Smoker (sad but true), we have partnered with carriers that will offer up to Preferred Best (the most prestigious health class available).

No Vaping: If vaping has been part of your plan to quit nicotine and you give up vaping altogether, the number of carriers and thus the ability to get the lowest rates, multiplies exponentially.

General Health Improvements: Lots of us treat common conditions like High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, or carry a few extra pound of weight. Since part of your Vape Life Insurance rate may be determined by these conditions, marked improvements can be evaluated after the first policy year and can bring down your monthly costs substantially.

The good news is that any reduction in your rate is locked in for the life of the policy. And what’s more, there is no risk to asking for an evaluation, since your rate can only go down, not up. So make sure to work with an agent who has experience with the stages of Vaping and can help you evaluate how to save the most money on your life insurance protection. Whether you have an old policy that needs reviewing or are looking to put something new together, these insider tips should be considered carefully. Please contact us for more information, especially for the last three categories!