Get a Vape Specific Quote, not a Generic quote

As a Vaper, you have made a healthy lifestyle choice. You are no longer a Smoker and shouldn’t have to pay the same rates for your life insurance as someone who still uses cigarettes. Really, you are in a class of your own, still a Nicotine user, but not a Smoker. Yet, how do you get an accurate quote from one of the many online life insurance web sites out there?

Bottom line is unless you are using, you can’t self quote accurately for the following reasons:

If you quote yourself as a NonSmoker, which you are, your rates are going to come back artificially low. If you quote yourself as a Smoker, your rates are going to come back vastly higher. Do you see a Vaper category anywhere? Nope.

That is why we created our proprietary Vape specific quote tool. We recognize that you are different, special in a great way! You deserve to be rewarded with life insurance rates that reflect your lower risk. And you should be able to get accurate quotes that allow you to make good financial decisions.

No one wants to go through the evaluation process for life insurance and get an unpleasant surprise on the back end because they didn’t have the facts up front.

Our quote tool is the only place on the internet that allows you to see a Vape specific NonSmoker rate as compared to Smoker rates from other companies so you can see just how much you can save. Of course, by speaking to one of our agents we will be able to help answer any questions and even further refine the numbers.